Everything you could ever need, and exactly the way you want it.

In today’s healthcare market, change is constant. While eMediTrack is ready out of the box, eMediTrack gives you the flexibility to customize each solution to fit your hospital’s unique needs, when you need it. Our platform is built to give you the power to build and manage your own reports, dashboards and workflows, easily, so you can take patient safety and facility compliance into your own hands.

Saving you money, and making you matter.

eMediTrack is exactly what you need to do more with less. In a time where efficiency and patient safety are critical to a hospital’s survival, the physical environment is critical to success.  eMediTrack saves money by reducing the time it takes to complete inspections, tours and assessments, automatically communicates issues to responsible parties, creates dynamic reports and dashboards, and generates higher quality documentation with less time and effort. Take control of your readiness, cut out the wasted labor hours, and have the information you need to constantly improve at your fingertips.

Guaranteed readiness, every day.

eMediTrack improves your compliance readiness by ensuring all activities are documented and easily presentable to surveyors, while the notification engine tracks all deadlines and automatically sends reminders about upcoming due dates. Improving accountability, increasing efficiency, and automating your entire process, makes closing the loop easy and efficient, and saves you hundreds of hours a year in administrative burden.

Making performance improvement easy.

eMediTrack’s industry leading reports and dashboards run on real-time data and are easily customized to your unique needs. Increasing efficiency through automating your process is just the beginning. Customized workflows and real-time automated notifications of deficiencies ensure accountability and follow-up notifications help you make sure compliance never slips through the cracks. eMediTrack’s real-time reporting allows administrators see your compliance and contributions to the bottom line, at the click of a mouse.

eMediTrack isn’t just about automating your process, but consistently automating the best practice process, allowing you to focus on building and supporting a culture of safety using roll up reports to promote accountability.