Get out from under the binders. Get back to what you're meant to be doing.

eMediTrack is the only platform that gives you everything you need – complete process automation with superior documentation and data-driven insights.

Think future proof technology…


eMediTrack is a one-of-a-kind platform made up of comprehensive solutions and applications designed to solve the specific business challenges facing healthcare organizations.

It's Flexibility.

The eMediTrack platform is a cloud-based suite that can be accessed by any off-the-shelf smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop, anywhere in the world. eMediTrack is a highly flexible and customizable solution, adapting quickly to match your processes.

It's Performance Improvement.

We aren’t just a software provider, but instead take it a step further to help you uncover the hidden root causes preventing you from realizing the full potential of process improvement. Our focus isn’t just about getting it done, but how to get it done better.

Facilities Management

eMediTrack is made up of solutions and applications for facilities management, specializing in increasing operational efficiency, closing the loop and driving accountability.

Accreditation Readiness

eMediTrack provides industry leading solutions for improving and automating accreditation readiness for the physical environment and life safety.


Safety and Risk Management

eMediTrack allows for superior management of safety and risk within healthcare organizations, leading to safer environments for patients and employees.