Last week the Joint Commission released a list identifying the top five “not compliant” requirements found in 2016. While the Element of Performance descriptions are a bit broad, here at Soleran we feel it’s important to discuss your available options.

For those who have not reviewed our education campaigns or participated in our webinars, our goal at Soleran is to make sure that each hospital is up-to-date on Automated Compliance Management (ACM) solutions. As Healthcare facility teams transition to mobile compliance solutions it is important that your staff are aware of applications and products that can positively influence the safety of your physical environment.

Below we provide an example of solutions that are available to prevent non-compliance on future surveys:





These requirements can be overlooked if your facility is not prepared with the correct process. By implementing even just one of the listed ACM applications, your team can maximize reimbursement potential.

The ability for multiple individuals to utilize a simple solution to collect and aggregate data creates a new frontier of patient and employee safety. An ACM solution eliminates the need to manually input a variety of information and instead automates multiple workflows. This allows you to quickly determine areas of concern and immediately mitigate issues, all in real time.

ACM solutions provide individuals with the assurance that they are kept up-to-date with changes in regulatory compliance. The ability for an ACM database to be updated with any current regulation prevents staff negligence. In other words, all digital checklists contain any and all current regulatory guidelines so that nothing is “overlooked”.

If your team falls into any of these buckets, please click the button below. One of our experts will be happy to provide you with more information and a free educational webinar on the capabilities of Automated Compliance Management.

To view the full listing of the Top five most challenging requirements for 2016 visit: The Joint Commission Online