First Enterprise App Store and Collaborative Performance Criteria Database for Healthcare

Kansas City – 04/07/2014 – Soleran has launched the eMediTrack Marketplace, the first enterprise app store and collaborative content site for Healthcare. The marketplace provides information on best practices, the most up to date information on accreditation, and connects users with state of the art technology and data trending to drive efficient performance improvement.

As the uncertainty surrounding the new healthcare regulatory framework continues to pressure hospitals financially, healthcare organizations are required to drive performance improvement while simultaneously reduce costs. In order to assist healthcare organizations with these new challenges, Soleran has launched the eMediTrack Marketplace, the first and only enterprise app store for the healthcare industry.

This marketplace serves as a one-stop-shop that allows subscribers to find the best technology, service providers, content and live forums for communicating with industry experts. Using a collaborative approach, the marketplace provides information on the most innovative processes, the most up to date information on accreditation, and connects end users with state of the art technology for tracking and trending data that can be easily and effectively communicated across complex organizations.

About eMediTrack
eMediTrack is a comprehensive cloud-based suite of healthcare applications designed to improve process efficiency, accreditation readiness, patient experience, facility and risk management processes. eMediTrack combines best practices and technology to help drive improvement and efficiency. The eMediTrack platform, comprised of over 100 applications, provides a consolidated turn-key solution for hospitals to manage multiple interconnected processes across multiple departments.

About Soleran
Soleran is a leading provider of cloud-based database and application services that automate real-world business dilemmas. Soleran provides multiple applications built on a proprietary platform that automates workflows and provides integration between related business processes. Solutions automate and standardize business processes while aggregating data across the organization. Organizations can deploy the platform to create a single system of record for all corporate systems, aggregate data for business analysis and enhance efficiency. Additionally, customers can use an extensible API, build custom mobile applications or web portals to build solutions unique to business requirements.