The eMediTrack Platform

The eMediTrack platform specializes in industry-leading flexibility, allowing you to comprehensively manage your processes. The cloud-based platform will save you money, give you unprecedented access to related data, dashboards and reports, and will make it easy to communicate across departments and drive accountability.

Just because it’s software doesn’t mean you can’t have it your way.


eMediTrack is the most flexible and customizable platform in healthcare. Investing in a flexible platform allows you to customize your checklists, inspections and tours, and can match your custom workflow. Notify who you want, when you want to, and automate workflow the way that best matches your processes.

It’s time to take your seat in the sky.


eMediTrack is a cloud based solution that gives you and your team instant access anywhere in the world. Software as a service also keeps your organization from having to shoulder the costs of hardware and maintaining infrastructure, eliminating the traditional costs of ownership that come with locally hosted software.

Start knowing what works.


eMediTrack has best-in-class dashboard and reporting engines that allow our clients to harness the power of the data that they collect. eMediTrack isn’t just about automating your current process, but also about giving you the tools and insight you need to constantly implement and automate better processes.


Software as a Service

eMediTrack’s delivery method eliminates traditional costs of ownership. That means no hardware to purchase, no servers to maintain, and no distractions for overstretched IT departments.

Native Mobile Apps

The eMediTrack platform utilizes native mobile apps, designed for the most intuitive and efficient data collection. Native mobile apps mean offline capability, and many other features that browser-based apps won’t have.

Workflow Automation

The eMediTrack platform brings best-in-class flexibility, allowing for automation of your processes and workflow. Software should never force your hand, but take your processes to the next level.