The eMediTrack Marketplace

The first and only enterprise app store for healthcare organizations. Find organization changing solutions and applications in a matter of minutes.

The App Store

The eMediTrack is your one-stop-shop for over 50 pre-integrated applications, developed and designed to solve specific business challenges facing healthcare organizations. From inspections to risk assessments, and from accreditation to patient satisfaction, the eMediTrack marketplace has the answers you’ve been looking for.

Vendor and Consultant Directory

The marketplace is so much more than an app store. Finding a qualified vendor to help improve processes and complete tasks for your organization can be of the utmost importance. Use the eMediTrack Marketplace Vendor directory to find highly qualified partners.

Solutions for every role.

The eMediTrack Marketplace has applications for nearly every role and responsibility in the hospital. We’ve categorized applications, making it easy for you to find applications and solutions for your role. Even better, all of the applications and solutions on the eMediTrack platform are pre-integrated, making it easier for you to work efficiently across departments.

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