The job of maintaining the physical environment in healthcare facilities is a laborious process. When you include all of the various individuals and departments that are involved with identifying deficiencies and citations, the job moves from just being laborious, to downright stressful. More importantly however, the job becomes time consuming, and with limited hours in a work day, nothing is more valuable to your Facility Management teams than time.

With all the different items facilities management is responsible for monitoring to keep the facility safe for patients, visitors and staff, you often resort to generating printable checklists. Then the work really begins, collecting data, transferring data, sending notifications, tracking down resolutions to deficiencies and more. Good news there is a way to make your life easier by transitioning. to a more automated, digital method of tracking and reporting infractions?

By moving a facility’s process to an Automated Compliance Management (ACM) solution, you bring about the technology and applications to report findings in real time, thereabout allowing for quick resolution, including the capability to automate reminders and escalations. The ability to utilize digital checklists and online databases will significantly free up the tedious aspects of compliance regulation after a round is completed.

In the Summer 2016 edition of Inside ASHE, article “Maintaining barriers requires protocol“, ASHE specifically states that “a worksheet becomes an effective inspection tool for the facility staff to use in ensuring barrier maintenance compliance.”

ASHE is 100% correct. Checklists are very effective (for barrier management and beyond). However, what they fail to mention is what type of checklist is most effective. What most facility management teams fail to realize is that there are ACMs available that will eliminate this part of the process.

Imagine always having up-to-date compliance regulations specified on the individual checklists. No more manual updating, no more accidentally overlooking a regulatory change that could come back to haunt you during a Joint Commission (or other regulatory body) audit.

Imagine being able to complete rounds and have the ability to mark something pass/fail, add specific comments on your findings, include a picture of the deficiencies, and then submit, all at the touch of a button.

Imagine the collected information being emailed immediately upon submission for the responsible party to resolve, as well as being able to log into a database as an admin and seeing ALL outstanding deficiencies that need resolution. Having the ACM system automatically remind your team that something is still pending, so they can simply touch a button to resolve and it automatically notifies all appropriate parties.

Now imagine all of this information stored in a cloud based system, giving you access to extensive data for reporting purposes, even the ability to benchmark across departments, campuses, even systems.

You no longer have to imagine. There are ACM systems available; able to do ALL of the above and so much more.

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