It's time to matter.

Cost to Contribution – Will you matter more?


With reimbursement changes and financial uncertainty looming, it has never been more important to speak the language of the C-Suite. eMediTrack allows you to effortlessly translate what you do to the C-Suite in a way that demonstrates how your department adds value to the organization, rather than being perceived as a cost department.

Executive Summaries

eMediTrack automates the creation of executive summaries that translate key performance indicators and metrics into the language of the C-Suite.

Objectives Based

eMediTrack automatically generates the deliverables that leadership are looking for. From superior accreditation documentation to dynamic dashboards and reports, eMediTrack has your objectives covered.

Uncover the ROI

eMediTrack gives you the capability to connect your successes to the highly valuable focuses of leadership. eMediTrack helps you connect the dots between your goals and gains in reimbursement and cost control.

 Speak Leadership’s Language


eMediTrack translates traditional square footage metrics and performance indicators into data that the C-Suite is regularly measuring, like cost per patient. For your department to make the transition from being viewed as a cost against the bottom line to a department that actively contributes to the bottom line, you have to speak the language of the C-Suite.