Hospital Accreditation done…differently.

In an environment dictated by efficiency, managing your physical environment shouldn’t be hard. Using pen/paper for patient safety and compliance is a thing of the past. Doctors and nurses have the tools, shouldn’t you?  When it comes to the bottom line, eMediTrack transitions you from cost to contributor.

What is eMediTrack?

eMediTrack is the only cloud based platform designed specifically for managing your hospital’s physical environment. Built and designed by life safety consultants, hospital facility managers and safety officers, and experts in Joint Commission, DNV and HFAP codes. eMediTrack is your partner in managing your patient safety and facility compliance expertly and efficiently with the flexibility to make the application your own.

Our Solutions are Your Solutions

Using a combination of pen/paper, Excel and other one off apps to manage your compliance is a thing of the past. eMediTrack offers a unique flexibility in choosing the applications to build the solution that works for you. From our EC Tour platform to the Vendor Portal application and so much more, eMediTrack’s robust platform is made up of several applications to be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Why eMediTrack?

eMediTrack is what you need to do more with less. Take control of your physical environment, compliance readiness, increase your efficiency and cut out wasted hours. eMediTrack helps you have and manage the information you need, at your fingertips, to constantly improve and distinguish yourself.

The eMediTrack Marketplace

eMediTrack’s marketplace is the only enterprise app store for healthcare. Browse and find applications and solutions designed to solve specific challenges facing healthcare organizations.

Rounds Performed

Inspections Completed

Labor Hours Saved

Loops Closed

EC Manager

The EC Manager is a comprehensive and easy to use solution that manages every aspect of the environmental tours process – documentation, notification, loop closing and reporting of KPIs up the chain.

Barrier Manager

The Barrier Manager is an industry-leading solution allowing healthcare organizations to streamline their barrier management program. eMediTrack makes it easy to electronically track barriers, limit access and drive individual accountability.

Project Risk Manager

The Project Risk Manager makes completion and documentation of pre-construction risk assessments and activities easy and efficient. With eMediTrack, every step of your process is documented and all responsible parties stay in the loop.

A few of the hospitals that trust and love eMediTrack


eMediTrack is the only platform that can provide instant comparison and contextualization of key performance indicators across any number of healthcare organizations at an enterprise level.

The eMediTrack Platform

The eMediTrack platform is made up of natively integrated solutions, not one-off applications that further fragment your world. The connected nature of the platform offers unique benefits to uncover the relationships in your processes, making it easier to identify root causation.

Making You Matter

Healthcare is facing unprecedented financial pressure and uncertainty. eMediTrack provides you with all the tools and information you need to demonstrate your contribution to the bottom line.

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